Swiss Farmer’s Rye

A light rye with caraway. Try it with Braunschweiger and fresh onions. Use mouthwash afterwards for the rest of us.

A type of rye bread that is a bit lighter in flavor and texture than other rye breads of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. It is a wonderful mild rye with caraway seeds. Perfect for a Reuben sandwich or for the vegetarian – Portabella mushrooms and fried red onions with melted Swiss cheese!
Brand: Wild Flour Bakery
Price: $3.99

Olive Rosemary Bread

Greek kalamata olives fill this bread. Try toasting it with tomato and a slice of your favorite cheese. Excellent!

This is a savory and aromatic selection with Greek kalamata olives and sprigs of rosemary. Great when paired with Olive Tapanad or sun dried tomato spread, sprinkled with feta cheese! Would be the ‘perfect addition to your next wine tasting party.
Brand: WildFlour Bakery
Price: $5.49

Multi-Grain Sourdough

The other top seller.  Toasted with peanutbutter. What a great breakfast!

This is a six-grain sourdough bread a very healthy selection that is slowly fermented in our walk-in cooler for hours prior to baking to give this bread the hearty flavor that has made it one of our most popular breads. Try topped with whipped butter and drizzled with honey.
Brand: WildFlour Bakery
Price: $4.49

Perfect Weekend Gift Box

Price: $45.00

Dippin’ Crazy Gift Box

Price: $40.00

The Italian Gift Box

Price: $50.00

Cranberry Walnut Bread

One of our most popular breads using Wisconsin raised cranberries.

A Wild Flour favorite! Made with native Wisconsin cranberries. This is a very satisfying bread with the perfect balance of flavors. A perfect match with smoked turkey and cranberry chutney or a delightful French toast breakfast. Great with cream cheese too!
Brand: WildFlour Bakery
Price: $5.49
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