Soup Schedule

Monday January 11th – Cream of Potato w/ Bacon
Tuesday January 12th – Chicken Noodle
Wednesday January 13th – Italian Sausage
Thursday January 14th – Lentil Curry w/ Vegetables
Friday January 15th – Chili

Monday January 18th – Chicken Dumpling
Tuesday January 19th – Mushroom Leek
Wednesday January 20th – Tortilla
Thursday January 21st – Catalina Chicken
Friday January 22nd – Black Bean Chili

Monday January 25th – Cream of Chicken w/ Wild Rice
Tuesday January 26th – Chicken Noodle
Wednesday January 27th – Italian Sausage
Thursday January 28th – Vegetarian Vegetable
Friday January 29th – Chili

Monday February 1st – Chicken Dumpling
Tuesday February 2nd – Mushroom Leek
Wednesday February 3rd – Tortilla
Thursday February 4th – Catalina Chicken
Friday February 5th – Sweet Potato Chili